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Mil Tooling & Automation is a tool and machine building company specializing in automated tooling systems. Constantly improving on solutions and offering consistent service has awarded us with a growing number of customers. We design and manufacture complete systems requiring multiple operations; automatically handling parts from start to finish.

Our tooling systems range from very simple, stand alone work stations, to multi station transfer lines. Our major design principles are simplicity and modular design which streamline machinery

Stand alone unit / sub assembly support station:



 Indexing machine for the assembly of automotive parts:


MIL manufactures cost effective machinery and tooling, utilizing proven off-the-shelf technologies. Our factory automation offers tooling systems for orienting and feeding the parts, leak testing equipment, automated resistance and robotic welding, assembly of parts and other unlimited tasks of operations.

Through experience, technological development, and understanding the customer's needs we meet each and every manufacturing demand. Through initial discussions with the customer, analysis of part characteristics and manufacturing requirements, design concepts are developed. These concepts are always developed with flexibility in mind for future interchangeability and expendability. Initial layout drawings and concepts are presented for customer approval and review before machinery design commences.

Our CAD design stations are fully utilized to design in detail equipment and components.

With diversified experience in automotive and commercial industries, our engineers and tool makers are well qualified to meet your demands.

We build and design in house turn-key control packages. Our aim is to provide flexible and expandable systems for future production expansion and implementation. Software is programmed and tested while the equipment is still on our floor, permitting system integration and testing. Equipment is fully documented at the end of each project including components list, ladder logic, and schematic diagrams. In terms of hardware, we honor customer specifications.

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